Magical Mermaids Oracle Deck

These enchantresses are masters of healing and manifestation. They want to help you bring your dreams to life with more ease, grace, and joy. Each card features a gorgeous illustration of elemental sea beings along with an inspiring message and sound frequency.

Channeled by internationally celebrated Divine Whisperer Coco, this charming deck of 44 oracle cards is divided into four suits:

Healing, AbunDance, Reflections, and Alchemy

Created with

For a wonderful client Coco - an internationally celebrated Goddess Whisperer™ and much-loved intuitive, clairvoyant, best-selling co-author, entrepreneur, doula, healer, spiritual guide, medium, and sorceress. She is the founder & CEO (Chief Enchantress Oracle) of Pixie Moon Group, HARU soulful pet care products, and Web3 project KISAKI. Coco shares a new, blissful way of living fearlessly as an inspirational speaker through her global community and empowering mastermind group. She lives in the magical forest by a lake with her rescued kitties, Hoku, Sora and Haru-chan, and her service dog, Mana

EACH CARD IncludeS a beautiful soundtrack of harmonies you can listen to online

To learn more about Coco and her work, please visit: www.Coco.Love

For her furbaby boutique and events, please go to:

A big thanks from a bottom of my heart to Anna Frolik from Wonderland Publishing!