Love Messages From Your Pet Oracle Cards

44 round oracle cards. Each card features a gorgeous illustration of a pet and its pawsitive message or insightful answer for you. Channeled by internationally celebrated intuitive Coco, this charming deck of 44 oracle cards is a great gift for any animal lover or family, as well as a helpful tool for veterinarians, animal communicators, and other pet professionals

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For a wonderful client Coco - an internationally celebrated Goddess Whisperer™ and much-loved intuitive, clairvoyant, best-selling co-author, entrepreneur, doula, healer, spiritual guide, medium, and sorceress. She is the founder & CEO (Chief Enchantress Oracle) of Pixie Moon Group, HARU soulful pet care products, and Web3 project KISAKI. Coco shares a new, blissful way of living fearlessly as an inspirational speaker through her global community and empowering mastermind group. She lives in the magical forest by a lake with her rescued kitties, Hoku, Sora and Haru-chan, and her service dog, Mana

To learn more about Coco and her work, please visit: www.Coco.Love

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A big thanks from a bottom of my heart to Anna Frolik from Wonderland Publishing!